Dawa e Dahan

Due to this embrassing condition,one cant even sit close to someone or even talk to them.Bad breath can be felt by everyone.Its main cause is abdominal.With its use not only bad breath is effectively controlled but you`ll feel revolutionary change in your health.It helps preventing constipation,helps in efficient digestion etc.

Akseer e Faizeaam

When we think of allergies we usually think of hay fever, the sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes that tell us spring has finally sprung. But there are many other kinds of allergies. Akseer e Faizeaam is the most effective medicine for both internal and external allergy of various kinds including flue, itching, flow of water from eyes. It is also effective for skin allergy like itching and reddish skin etc.

Rahat e Niswan

There are thousands of medicine available in the market for treatment of gynecological problems especially leucorrhea but Rahat e niswan is the most effective herbal formulations which has been described by Tibb e Unani as the best herbal medicine for the treatment of leucorrhea.

Akseer e Bawaseer

Akseer e bawaseer is a herbal, Unani formulation come from Faiz e aam. Akseer e bawaseer will stop pain, itching, burning and bleeding that associated with hemorrhoids by stopping the bleeding and shrinking the inflamed area of discomfort. Akseer e bawaseer hastens the overall healing process in the anorectal region.

Mehzleen Plus

Mehzleen plus is a Unani formulation of the pure herbs. Mehzleen plus is a clinically proven, safe and effective polyherbal formulation that actually helps to regulate fat production and utilization. It also eliminates the craving for sweets, normalizes energy production and utilization into the body and helps you stay trim and healthy.


An excellent herbal preparation for blood purification, give natural glow to the skin and face. Relieves skin rashes, pimples, prickles and boils

Musafi Khas is a unique compound of blood purifying natural herbs.The impurification of blood takes place due to the collection of harmful substances in the body. This collection of harmful substances is caused by the disorder of the digestion system. The use of Musafi khas has proved very effective in the treatment of diseases like spots and specks on the face, and prickles, boils and eruption, scabies, itching, leucoderma, syphilis, ulcers and fistulas on the skin.
Musafi khas is a natural blood purifying compound prepared with whole alkaloids of indigenous herbs and other well-known components for the purification of blood. Its constituents purify the blood from harmful substances on one hand and give strength to the liver, stomach and intestines on the other. It regulates the functions of the liver, stomach and intestines. It produces an ample quantity of pure blood in the body, cures persistent constipation, makes the complexion fair and enhances the feminine beauty.


Children: 5ml(one tablespoon) twice a day. Children: 5ml(one tablespoon) twice a day. Children: 5ml(one tablespoon) twice a day. Adults: 2 tablespoon twice a day

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