Mehzleen Plus

Mehzleen plus is a Unani formulation of the pure herbs. Mehzleen plus is a clinically proven, safe and effective polyherbal formulation that actually helps to regulate fat production and utilization. It also eliminates the craving for sweets, normalizes energy production and utilization into the body and helps you stay trim and healthy.

Rahat e Niswan

There are thousands of medicine available in the market for treatment of gynecological problems especially leucorrhea but Rahat e niswan is the most effective herbal formulations which has been described by Tibb e Unani as the best herbal medicine for the treatment of leucorrhea.

Akseer e Bawaseer

Akseer e bawaseer is a herbal, Unani formulation come from Faiz e aam. Akseer e bawaseer will stop pain, itching, burning and bleeding that associated with hemorrhoids by stopping the bleeding and shrinking the inflamed area of discomfort. Akseer e bawaseer hastens the overall healing process in the anorectal region.

Mosafeen Plus

Mosafeen plus is a guaranteed treatment for all forms of acne. It removes pimples and blackheads from face and any part of body. Mosafeen plus also cures all kinds of boils, by drying extra serums produced in the blood. Mosafeen plus can be used by men and females of all ages and it has no side effects at all. It is natural and herbal product.

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Akseer e Faizeaam

When we think of allergies we usually think of hay fever, the sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes that tell us spring has finally sprung. But there are many other kinds of allergies, as well, and it’s not always the nose that’s affected. For some people, coming into contact with the “wrong” things, like pollen, certain plants, or even ingredients in foods, can cause the skin to break out in ugly, itchy red blotches known as hives. .


Boost arousal and sexual desire, Raise sexual energy levels, Achieve stronger and more pleasurable ejaculation, increasing the performance time

Benefits of Bahar e zindgi:
  • Progress male sexual functioning
  • Avert Erectile Dysfunction and achieve strong, healthy erections
  • Increase erect penis size and volume
  • Boost arousal and sexual desire
  • Raise sexual energy levels
  • Achieve stronger and more pleasurable ejaculation, increasing the performance time
  • Revitalize the male reproductive and hormonal systems
  • Improve anxiety caused by problems in sexual performance

I never thought that taking 2 tablets of twice daily could make such a difference. Bahar e zindgi multiplied my performance time by 6! This also helped my relationship and gave me more self-assurance in and out of the bedroom. Thank you!
— Reddy, CA

How does male sexual functioning work?Sexual behavior is a complex psycho-physiological practice, and there are many factors concerned in healthy sexual functioning.
The male sexual response commences when the male becomes aroused and blood flows into the erectile tissue of the penis, causing the penis to swell and become erect.
The male testes will also augment in size and become elevated and the nipples will become erect and responsive to touch. As enthusiasm increases, there will be a further boost in the size of the glands and the diameter of the penile shaft.
With constant stimulation, the man reaches a peak of sexual delight when there is dilation of the prostatic urethra and seminal fluid (sperm) flows into the urethra.
This is escorted by a sensation of impending orgasm, leading to a rhythmic contraction of the perineal muscles and the pelvic reproductive organs activate a forceful ejaculation of semen and sexual release, followed by a state of deep entertainment.

What can go wrong?
Sexual dysfunction may take many shapes. The most common problems are Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (low sex drive) and Penile Erectile Dysfunction (difficulties in attaining and maintaining an erection.
While psychological factors can play a big role in sexual problems, studies have suggested that 20 – 50 percent of men with erectile dysfunction have some organic base for their problem.

The most widespread organic causes of sexual dysfunction or a low sex drive are:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Renal or urological
  • Nutritional (malnutrition, vitamin deficiency)
  • Endocrine (hormonal)
  • Neurological
  • Pharmacological (alcohol, smoking, recreational and prescription drugs)
  • Environmental toxins (lead, herbicides)
  • General systemic health problems
  • Sexual dysfunction may range from meek (low sex drive, weak erections, lack of energy, slow and weak ejaculation) to harsh (total inability to achieve erection and complete lack of sexual desire.
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