Akseer e Bawaseer

Akseer e bawaseer is a herbal, Unani formulation come from Faiz e aam. Akseer e bawaseer will stop pain, itching, burning and bleeding that associated with hemorrhoids by stopping the bleeding and shrinking the inflamed area of discomfort. Akseer e bawaseer hastens the overall healing process in the anorectal region.

Dawa e Dahan

Due to this embrassing condition,one cant even sit close to someone or even talk to them.Bad breath can be felt by everyone.Its main cause is abdominal.With its use not only bad breath is effectively controlled but you`ll feel revolutionary change in your health.It helps preventing constipation,helps in efficient digestion etc.

Rahat e Niswan

There are thousands of medicine available in the market for treatment of gynecological problems especially leucorrhea but Rahat e niswan is the most effective herbal formulations which has been described by Tibb e Unani as the best herbal medicine for the treatment of leucorrhea.

Mosafeen Plus

Mosafeen plus is a guaranteed treatment for all forms of acne. It removes pimples and blackheads from face and any part of body. Mosafeen plus also cures all kinds of boils, by drying extra serums produced in the blood. Mosafeen plus can be used by men and females of all ages and it has no side effects at all. It is natural and herbal product.

Akseer e Faizeaam

When we think of allergies we usually think of hay fever, the sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes that tell us spring has finally sprung. But there are many other kinds of allergies, as well, and it’s not always the nose that’s affected. For some people, coming into contact with the “wrong” things, like pollen, certain plants, or even ingredients in foods, can cause the skin to break out in ugly, itchy red blotches known as hives. .


Naturally bring back the excitement in your sex life, like the Maharajas and kings of years past!

Over 2000 years ago in ancient times,Hakim Vaed and Sadhus used natural herbs to treat persons suffering from impotency and lack of vitality. These were holy men who meditated in the upper peaks of the Himalayas possessing a complete knowledge of the special healing powers of natural herbs. Kings and Maharajas frequently consulted these Hakim,Vaed and Sadhus to overcome impotency and the general loss of vitality and vigor stemming from incessant sexual intercourse.These Holy physicians would prescribe special Kushtas (intricate mixtures of natural herbs) to cure these Kings and Maharajas of their impotency and to infuse vitality and energy in their bodies. Looking to the ways of these ancient physicians, we have consulted modern experts in the field of herbal medicine to formulate an all- natural and highly successful formula to cure Impotency. With no side effects and an incredible rate of success, HAB E AMBER MOMYAI TALAI is the natural alternative to dangerous drugs in the treatment of Impotency.




  • Hab e Amber Momyai Talai is a composite Herbal formulation designed to provide an urgent, reliable and safe genital stimulation and release in males. Composed of Amber, musk, zafron and several tradition-esteemed herbs and minerals. Hab e Amber Momyai Talai provides a rapid arousal by exerting a generally stimulating and enhancing influence on functions related to the reproductive system-that promotes enhanced genital blood circulation and engorgement, emporia and a satisfying tumescence besides improving stamina in males. Hab e Amber Momyai talai is specifically suited for male sexual inadequacies with a strong psychological or emotional component(s).
  • Hab e Amber Momyai talai provides specific stimulatory actions on male genitourinary tract due to its Mucuna pruriens content causing a healthy inflammation and hyperemia and facilitating a full dew-filled head and a general increase in amatory desire. Other ingredients in Hab e Amber Momyai Talai gently stimulate spinal center responsible for a passionate play and promote general vitality and vigor too
  • Hab e Amber Momyai Talai helps desirous males actively overcome erectile difficulties and obtains a greater, superior and steeper trajectory of amatory passion.
  • Completely safe. Hab e Amber Momyai Talai is composed of natural ingredients contains no steroids or hormones or organic nitrates is not contraindicated in patients taking anti-anginal medicines and is completely devoid of post-coital side effects like angina, palpitations or priapism. The gentle aphrodisiac action of Hab e Amber Momyai Talai can be continued on a regular daily dosage of 1 tablet/ Day
  • Hab e Amber Momyai Talai is especially helpful in alleviating male impotence related to heavy smoking, Diabetes mellitus and other circulatory feeble situations like peripheral vascular disease etc.

Each Amber momyai talai tablet contains:

- 40mg Ocimum sanctum
- 30mg ambera
- 20mg musk
- 30mg Stannum
- 40mg Ferrum
- 40mg Kukkudantak twak bhasm
- 30mg Nux-vomica
- 30mg Corallium robrum
- 10mg Crocus sativus
- 40mg Curculico orchioides
- 60mg Withania somnifera
- 30mg Tacca asfera
- 40mg Asparagus racemosus
- 40mg Eulophic compestria
- 60mg Mucuna pruriens
- 30mg Myristica fragrans
- 10mg Castorium
- 10mg Myristica fragrans
- 30mg zafron
- salab masree


Enhancement of normal sexual function Male erectile Dysfunction due to functional, emotional psychological or circulatory problems (restorative use). Also a great brain heart and general tonic, most effective for diabetics.

RECREATIONAL USE: 1 tablet 2 hour before intended
RESTORATIVE USE: 1 tablet/Day for 40 days with hot milk.

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